Take Advantage of the Drone Boom With 4 Incredible Stock Opportunities

As interest in drones grows and grows, make sure you don’t miss out

It’s easy to get distracted when experts discuss potential investment opportunities.
But when it comes to the lucrative drone market, it pays to listen! With its ever-increasing stock prices, the sky truly is the limit for anyone looking to invest in this new industry and its state-of-the art high-tech gadgetry.

Drones are only growing in popularity; for example, between 2015 and 2016, sales of drones more than tripled to about $200 million, according to Fortune. While that number includes a wide variety of drones – used for racing, photography, even search and rescue – it doesn’t include drones designed for military use. With that in mind, the potential for further growth is obvious, and Fortune predicts that the ‘uses for drones is becoming more diverse, with machines being developed for farming and even snack delivery.’ Just imagine getting your Oreos delivered to your door by a drone; you’ll never need to use a vending machine ever again!

Beginning with a household name in the field of American aviation, check out these four drone stocks to watch and gain a unique insight into the investment opportunity of a lifetime:

Boeing (BA)

The beauty of investing with aviation powerhouse Boeing is that you’ll be investing in two types of flight:  primarily known for its commercial jets, Boeing has also established a strong voice in the drone community via two subsidiary companies – Insitu (a maker of medium-sized) military drones) and Liquid Robotics (maker of the Wave Glider ocean surface robot).

Boeing purchased Liquid Robotics at the turn of the year, and for those who love gadgets and high-tech, their Wave Glider is a sci-fi geek’s dream! It floats on the ocean’s surface and collects data, propelling itself for up to a year using wave and solar power. According to the LA Times, there’s also a military grade-version of the device.

Numbers-wise, Boeing has been on an uninterrupted climb this least year, up 52 percent to just under $200 per share. By combining its healthy market capitalization of $118 billion with some shrewd investments on the non-consumer side of the drone industry, Boeing’s brand-new drone subsidiaries look set to make a huge profit.

Parrot SA (PARRO)

There are two moves when it comes to investing in this French company; either strike now while the price is low or bide your time to see if the company soars once more. After going public in 2006 at 24 euros, it doubled a year later – but it was down by more than 92 percent 18 months later, to less than 4 euros. The cycle was repeated between 2014 – 2016.

Today it stands at 9.50 euros but purchasing a dozen or so shares might be wise investment. The website Nanalyze has labeled Parrot as ‘one drone market to invest in’ and in 2016, the company proved its worth by releasing the world’s first smart flying fixed wing drone – the Disco FPV. Reaching speeds of up to 50 m.p.h. and a headset which puts users in the cockpit, for summer 2017, Parrot slashed the price from $1,299 to $799.

Having been in the drone game since 2010, which is practically centuries in high-tech terms, Parrot will have the upper hand over its competitors should drone demand surge – yet another reason to make an investment now.Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Amazon (AMZN)

Back in 2013, Amazon made a lot of noise about Amazon Prime Air; the planned service was supposed to get a package to your door within 30 minutes via octocopter.
Although it didn’t happen,

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has not given up on his quest to become a major player in drone-driven commerce.

Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods has reignited drone talk, and robots could soon be used to update the Whole Foods inventory system – what’s more, the Washington Post reports that the Whole Foods loading docks ‘could eventually become airports for drones’ delivering groceries. Despite lagging a bit behind in its drone ambitions, Amazon stock remains high, and is up a third over the last year to $968.

Expect Amazon to come through in their ambitions, and their stock to continue rising.

GoPro (GPRO)

From its peak of $87 per share in October 2014, the bottom for GoPro fell out, and they now trade at just above $8; so why consider GoPro at all?

Firstly, at this stage, the stock has nowhere to go but up! For example, you can buy 100 shares in GoPro for less than the cost of ONE Amazon share – and should the company recover even half of the price it hit in 2014, you’d be looking at around $40,000 made on an $800 investment.

Following a weak launch in fall 2016, GoPro’s new move into the drone market, Karma, has been re-released: retailing at an admittedly pricey $1,100 per unit, the upcoming second-quarter report will tell us whether Karma has given GoPro’s bottom line a much-needed boost.
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Invest In Drone Stocks Today
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