Buying Cryptocurrency In 2019 The Easy Guide!

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There is no doubt that the buzz-word on everyone’s lips in 2017 was ‘Bitcoin’. Well, this year is no different – Bitcoin is making headlines yet again, and there’s no better time to grab it than right now. With high expectations for the rest of 2019, as Bitcoin holds true to expert forecasts of $500,000 per coin by 2021, investors are already choosing Bitcoin over traditional assets.
Bitcoin’s recent financial developments are now creating opportunities that are not to be missed.


In January 2017, Bitcoin hit $1000 and the world took notice. 5 months later Bitcoin doubled its value to $2000, and the media started to fill up with stories of self-made millionaires who made their money from investing small amounts in Bitcoin. Two months after that, Bitcoin shocked the world by tripling its value to $6000, only to rise (one month later) to the staggering value of $8000. But wait, there’s more to it: at the end of 2017 it hit no less than $20,000! This ongoing rise has made a lot of people new millionaires.

It’s simple math really, as looking at the extreme percentage jump between these price values, you can see that it only took a short amount of time, less than a year actually, which is outstanding. That is how smart crypto trading can generate high-volume profits, as long as you approach it with the proper mentors who guide you through it.


As years go by, Bitcoin attracts more attention, and with more attention comes more demand. That’s exactly why its value continues to rise, making this asset a profitable investment for years to come.

Billionaires such as PayPal’s director Wenses Caseres confidently says Bitcoin can reach as high as $1,000,000 in the upcoming years, while software giant John McAfee publicly predicted Bitcoin prices will reach as high as $500,000 by 2021. With 2017 being the banner year that exceeded all predictions for Bitcoin value, the forecast for the rest of 2019 and the years to come does not seem far-fetched at all.


The Time to Invest in Bitcoin is Now!

2019 started with a great recovery of Bitcoin price, as its value jumped from $3,772 (last February) to $8,000 (this May). That’s right, in only 3 months it has doubled its strength and investors made a whopping profit of over 200%. This rising wave has put the lid on the 2018 drop in price value, and made traders a lot of money, while getting free of their financial hardship, in no time.


These numbers above are amazingly positive and are a direct outcome of the financial power this digital coin holds. Still, while Bitcoin investors have doubled and even tripled their investment over that lucrative year, most people don’t really understand what stands behind this token, and its high-value advantage in the market.

Investors who bought bitcoin in April 2019 made an easy gain of 112% in only 1 month

Discovering the advantages of Bitcoin 
The main advantage of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized – meaning there’s no central bank or government which controls it or its distribution. When governments are suffering financially, people directly suffer from financial instability as a result. We saw it happen in a global scale, in Europe, Russia, Brazil, the United States.  That is the main reason investors are considering this currency as some sort of a safe-haven-asset in a problematic, geopolitical world. 


What another advantage Bitcoin has to offer? There is a mathematical limitation to the number of Bitcoins that can be created, no physical currency is ever printed. Hence, this limited supply creates demand, following the rules of economy. When the demand goes up, the price goes up along with it.


Another lucrative advantage of trading Bitcoin is the fact that this coin stands as the representative of this volatile crypto market. Hence, it is as naturally as dynamic, which means investors can profit both on falling and rising market trends.

For example, you can look at 2018 as a rough year for all cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin itself dropped to the price of $3,400. But, this drop was also highly profitable in itself, as investors who traded with professional brokers knew when to buy/sell and how to manage their crypto trade. That’s how you too can learn how to generate profit even when the coin value is declining.

That’s a big thing to consider when trading this market, as having an expert brokerage on your side is as much as important as understanding the market, rising or falling.

Are you ready to join the world’s greatest financial revolutions to date? 

Let’s say your mind is set and you’re ready to go ahead and invest in Bitcoin. Hold up – not so fast! First you need to find someone to buy Bitcoin from. Nowadays, not everyone is eager to sell their Bitcoins so quickly. If you are lucky enough to find someone to buy from, it may come with limitations of minimum Bitcoins, maximum effort and confusion, not to mention your lack of liability and security in the process.

2019 started with a great recovery of Bitcoin price, as its value jumped from $3,772 (last February) to $8,000 (this May), making a 212% profit.

But…there’s also a different way to approach it!

When you have a reliable broker on your side, things suddenly get much simpler.

Getting into online trading and investing in Bitcoin is something you can do easily and independently from the comfort of your own home. The way to do it smart and simple is by registering with a professional broker, which will offer you fast technological trading tools and personal training that will help you maximize your investment. One of these brokerages, specializing in online trading, has identified the distress coming from investors, looking for opportunities to trade Bitcoin in a simple, safe and fast operating tech environment.

This broker has developed a user-friendly trading platform, allowing anyone to invest in Bitcoin in just one-click-of-a-button, while having a personal trading coacher to guide them. Another great thing about this broker is that you can begin trading Bitcoin without having to put its entire market price, but only a minimum deposit of $250 – and you’re good to go.

In addition to these advantages, keep this extra one in mind: with this broker, you and your funds will always be protected, since this broker keeps client funds separated from company assets, as per regulatory requirements. It also maintains an insurance policy to cover all investment funds, giving clients an added peace of mind that no other cryptocurrency service can boast. There has never been such a safe and easy way to invest in cryptocurrency.

As economic predictions forecast Bitcoin reaching $500,000 by 2021, more and more companies are adopting the digital coin technology, a fact that directly affected the handsome rise in Bitcoin value since the beginning of 2019.

More and more people around the globe are putting their trust in the cryptocurrency revolution and its decentralized representative – Bitcoin. People who used to think of cryptocurrency as “gambling” didn’t understand the real impact it brought to the world, because they didn’t have the right guidance to teach them how it works for their benefit. A lot of investors who got the proper training from a personal trading coacher see it already as the future of the economy, and as their new source of wealth. To top that, Bitcoin’s recent rise in value is getting thousands of investors, new and existing ones, back in the game.


How can you get started?

The exciting world of cryptocurrency is constantly growing, and now available to you in just a few clicks away. You can easily join the cryptocurrency community today without any technical experience. Get in early on the most volatile and lucrative market the world has ever seen.

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