Protect Yourself from The Falling Rand with This Offshore Investment


We all know the first rule of financial security: preserve the value of your money. But in recent years the Rand has continued to devaluate, leaving us with less security, less stability and much less buying power. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read on to learn how thousands of South Africans are protecting their Rands through innovative do it from home offshore investments, while also making extraordinary profits in the process.

2011 marked a 20-year high against the US Dollar, but that’s all a distant memory now. Since then, questionable national politics, mining sector troubles, a slump in emerging markets and growing support for the dollar have all contributed to a continuously devaluing currency. In other words, our Rand’s purchasing power is going down the drain. The time to look for safe-haven investments, free of South Africa’s economic and political restraints, has never been more clear-cut.

The Rand continues to slump

In 2018, the rand is officially slumping and the outlook for 2019-2020 isn’t any brighter. In times like these, many South Africans are asking advisors where and how they should be investing their Rands. The answer? More and more South African investors are finally taking the initiative and becoming their own financial boss with innovative offshore investments.

Trending solution in South Africa: offshore investing

In recent months, many people are buying foreign currencies. American Dollars, British Pounds and Euros are being bought by South Africans in an attempt to maintain a liquid Rand hedge. However, simply holding foreign currency will only do so much for your money.

What we truly want is to preserve our wealth while also growing a quick and steady extra income in the process. Is it possible? Absolutely. Thousands of successful South African offshore investors are testament to the fact.

So how are they doing it? By turning to a new investment called global currency trading and attaining their own private offshore account through international brokers regulated by reputable bodies such as CySec and FSA.

Small offshore investments can equal large gains

For every loser, there is a winner in the financial market. It pays off to think ahead and invest smart. Global currency trading is already offering thousands of South Africans lucrative opportunities to explore offshore investments in the global market while allowing them to isolate their investments and their money from the country’s political and economic uncertainties.

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Global currency trading: boost your purchasing power

In the following example, you’ll be able to see how a small movement in the USD/ZAR can not only preserve the value of your Rands but also result in large gains.


1. Preserving your Rands

The basics of currency trading are generally simple. When opening a trading account, your Rands will automatically convert into dollars. So, if you invested R10,000 at an exchange rate of R14.30, you would now own $700 in an offshore account, gaining you immediate protection from further devaluation of the Rand by linking to the dollar.

The more the exchange rate goes up in favor of the dollar, the more Rands you’ll own when withdrawing dollars back to your local bank account.


2. Profit

But online trading allows for bigger and better things than simply holding dollars. This is where investors come to make monthly, daily or even hourly profits. According to national forecast systems, the USD/ZAR currency pair is currently trading as a lucrative investment, expected to reach 15.90 within the year- allowing investors to trade the USD/ZAR, speculate on future price movements and take advantage of every move in the exchange rate.


3. Withdrawing to your bank account

Global currency trading allows you full liquidity, meaning you can withdraw you balance at any time, and exchange dollars back to Rands at a higher rate.

Where to start?

Be your own boss, enjoy the strengths of the global financial market!

Connecting to a regulated broker who has a strong understanding of the local economy and political climate will always be the quickest and safest way to place an offshore investment, both in terms of legality as well as in terms of security.

Additionally, with regulated CySec or FSA brokers you’ll enjoy guidance of professional coachers, accompanied by personal commitment in helping you to achieve financial success.

In summary

Bearish signs are stacking up for South Africa’s rand. If while at the same time you expect to continue receiving your salary in Rands, it may be wise to consider diversifying at least part of your portfolio with a solid offshore investment. Preserving your income against further decline in the Rand is a step in the right direction.

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